Feel Free Yoga

for queer + trans babes, for our freedom + autonomy!

Feel Free Yoga is a project by me, Daisy Catterall! I guide slow yoga classes for queer + trans babes, and to open groups too, each week, online. I'm committed to guiding our yoga practice into a place where we can all feel free, autonomous and safe to be in our magnificent bodies, together. In each class, we practice asana (movement), pranayam (breath exercises) and meditation (focused concentration).

I'm a queer, cis woman living as a grateful, but uninvited guest on Aboriginal Dharawal country. I'm Māori and I have Irish and Scottish ancestry. I've experienced mental illness. I live in a body that is normalised in some places and not in others. I'm able-bodied. I'm a Taurus.

As a yoga teacher and as a person, what do I care about?

I care about sharing yoga with people whose identities might be marginalised and excluded in mainstream public classes. I care about respecting the roots of yoga in India and South Asia and practising this borrowed practice in a way that carries the tradition forward with honour. I'm blessed to be a queer woman and blessed to be a Māori woman with whakapapa to Ngati Maniapoto in Aotearoa (New Zealand). From my position, I see incredible potential in queering and decolonising the way modern yoga has been interpreted.

Exploring and practising all eight limbs, yoga can enrich our practices of Indigenous solidarity and connection to land.

It can help us be in our body.

It can help us get intimate with our breath; and therefore our lifeforce, our aliveness.

My intention in teaching yoga is to remind you of your autonomy and right to feel free; on the mat as well as every other aspect of your life.

Learn more about me and Feel Free Yoga at feelfreeyoga.space and @feelfreeyogasydney on instagram.